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Here we go! Discover our unique approach to fitness trainig. Three simple steps that take you from being a rookie to applicable reallife fitness.

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We get to know each other, have a talk about your goals and tell you about what you can expect from us and our workouts.

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Personal Training Foundations

Before you start with our group workouts, we take time within a personal training to lay the foundations for important movement basics.

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You have fun with the first workout and get additional knowledge through our academy. In several video modules our coaches explain everything that will make you a "workout vet" quickly.

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It is in your hands: being glued to the sofa or being stuck with ineffective workouts OR discover a new world of fitness with us. Let us show you what you can achieve!

Kontakt - Dein Start

Sign up now for your intro. We are looking forward to meet you.

How can I try it?

Our intro appointment will give you a great first impression. We will break down everything there is to know about our training.

Am I fit enough?

Gym rat or (previously) couch potato, we have a workout suitable to your fitness level that will make you fitter.

Why CrossFit Bulls and Bears?

We are unique with our leading principles “FUN + LEARN + MOVE” and we are proud of our expertise we have gained since 2014.

What are the membership options?

Please head to “pricing” in the menu bar and get in touch with us. We do offer different types of memberships and are happy to explain more.

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