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Here we go...find out what our training is all about and get to know us. In our intro course you will learn basics, break a sweat and get a great ramp up to our regular classes. This is where it all starts .

Sign up now for your intro course. We are looking forward to meet you.

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Du hast es in der Hand: weiter dem Sofa oder dem langweiliges Fitnessstudio den Vorzug geben, oder mit uns eine neue Welt des Trainings entdecken? Lass uns dir zeigen, was in dir steckt!

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Complete 3 modules in any order for 90 EUR

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4 possible evening slots during the week. Start anytime.

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Personal training in a group setting.

Your Community

Experience our spirit and get to know a bunch of awesome people and motivating training buddies.

You and your fitness level

Gym rat or (previously) couch potato, we have a workout suitable to your fitness level that will make you fitter.

Understand the magic

What makes our training so effective, how you will benefit from it and last but not least how come it's even a bunch of fun.

Welche Mitgliedschaften gibt es?

Klicke gern auf "Preise" im Menü oben und nimm Kontakt mit uns auf. Wir haben verschiedene Varianten und erklären dir gern alles.