2x in Frankfurt

Frankfurt - Heddernheim

Your new fitness home is situatated in the north of Frankfurt. On more than 500sqm and 3 different training areas you will not only find authentic training but also great know-how and a very supportive atmosphere .

Frankfurt - Sachsenhausen

Wir haben Lust auf mehr...mehr Fitnesserlebnis für Frankfurt. Und genau deshalb gibt es unseren zweiten Standort in Sachsenhausen, im Frankfurter Süden. Der Stadtteil, der für ursprüngliches Frankfurt in zentraler Lage bekannt ist wird jetzt richtig fit!

The world has more then enough "white collar" tasks. Close your laptop, highheels off, throw your tie away! Here is a place to get honest fitness...more fun, more calusses, more quality of life.


Our CrossFit training is the opposite of a regular gym because our family atmosphere awaits you and makes you feel welcome despite your current fitness level. We coach you with passion towards more fitness and qualify of life.

CrossFit in Frankfurt


This is your fitness retreat of your day. It's all about you, and only you. Turn your head off and your body on. Most importantly: have fun!

Forget about never ending gym sessions without any results. One hour of efficiant workout time with us is the only thing you need to get fit and strong.

Make exercising a daily habit. If you can't wait for the next workout, we have done our job.

crossfit frankfurt

Fitness ist Lebensqualität. Denn egal was der Alltag von dir verlangt, du bist gewappnet dafür. 

How to start as a beginner?


Starting out is easy. In our intro course you have the opportunity to get to know us, learn fundamentals and, of course, break a sweat.

The training times for the intro are flexible so you can plan them according to your schedule, even if you have irregular working hours.

Give yourself a shot at a fitnessexperience far away from posh gyms that do not care for you.

Fitness for Kids

Children pick up things more quickly so let's use those high value years for becoming a fit human being.

We will develop important movement patterns and physical basics.

But it is more than that, they will learn to follow a planned training and how to work together.

Our kids team is the perfect place to be or become a fit kid.

Our local roots  - Frankfurt am Main

Our name "Bulls and Bears"  shows our connection with the city that is known for being a stock exchange location. A city that is not only a financial hub but also is home to people from many different countries while staying absolutely authentic. It is not a coincidence that it is called the smallest metropolis in the world.

We opened our first location in Frankfurt Heddernheim in 2014 with the goal to create a better fitness experience. Today it is Frankfurts longest operating CrossFit gym. Six years later, rue results, fun and workouts for everybody still excite a lot of people that are looking for an alternative to a corny gym.

What drives us is "your strongest hour of the day for more quality of life". With 60 minutes long  trainings, structured as personal trainings in a group setting, we create awesome success stories for couch potatoes and experienced athletes.


Now CrossFit Bulls and bears will go south and open up a second location in the beautiful neighborhood Sachsenhausen. Co-Owner and physio therapist Max Stroh together with his amazing team is looking forward  to build a unique fitness community.